Family Session 411

Family Session  $250

Your session fee includes photography time, one custom 8×10 print of your choice, 24 custom Holiday Cards, a private ordering session and online gallery for 7 days.  All sessions take place in the Lafayette area. For sessions outside the Lafayette area a travel fee is involved. CLICK HERE to pay for your session fee.  All session fees are due BEFORE we start photographing. Username: sessionfee11  | Password: photosarelove. Just give me a call at 765.477.2153 or email me to set up a day and time. I do most of my work Monday – Friday 9-5 but some evenings and weekends are open as well. It depends on the time of year and my wedding schedule.

Got questions? Keep reading below!

What is your style ?

I have a casual, more documentary style of photography.  My main goal when photographing your family is to keep it fun. It should NEVER be painful, uncomfortable, and most of all, it should be YOU. Whether it is a classic black & white portrait, or a fun lifestyle shoot remember – it’s about YOU.

Okay, true story – On Thanksgiving a couple years ago we were sitting around at the Cousin’s house and a box of pictures was brought out. Filled with our family, some still with us, and some that have passed away. We marveled at them, how young we were, they were – the moments in time that are in our hearts forever. Don’t miss out on documenting those.

I LOVE those feelings you get from looking at photographs from moments in your life, moments in your heart. I want to create those moments in beautiful portraits of your family. YOUR FAMILY.

My kids are a total handful, and I’m scared they won’t sit still. What should we do?

I LOVE photographing families & kids!  I have 2 myself – bribery can be good, but usually we just go with the flow. I always caution parents to not get stressed when the kids start to act out, they feel that stress and feed on it.

Please allow me to keep them focused on me, rather than being firm with them; I have a few tricks to help kids forget the camera is even there, thus producing more natural expressions and smiles from them. If you have younger children, I may tell some jokes or act silly, with teens, I may pull them off to the side and get to know a bit about them first. I know family portrait-time can be thought of as a stressful time, but I want you to enjoy more than your images, but also the experience of making those images.

Sometimes, like in this shot, we just work with what we’ve got and it creates a beautiful, unforgettable moment!

I take horrible photographs and hate the idea of posing for the camera.  Why are we doing this?

Then don’t pose. Seriously. I hate it, too. I may offer posing suggestions as needed, that get you guys started, but once we get in the groove, you enjoying your kids, me enjoying YOU, the rest just happens. Also, attitude is everything. EVERYTHING. So, approach this as a fun thing to do with your family. NO grumps allowed. And once done, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Clothing & Display Suggestions

Please don’t feel the need to match and wear white or all black tops. I highly suggest clothing for each family member that has the same tone, not necessarily color. Please, and this is very important, be wary of stripes, plaid, words and logos on your family’s clothing. These things can be a distraction and I’ll have trouble finding the YOU in your family.

Oh, and bare feet are great for family sessions, but if we are outside in my field or on location things can be muddy and buggy and I suggest comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. We can always take them off when we get to the location we want to shoot in.  Another suggestion, look around your home and see what colors you love.  Dress up in what you LOVE, too.

Also, keep in mind the finished result and where these images will be displayed.  If you decorate with lots of warm tones, you may want to dress in warm tones.  If you have an eclectic mix and color and style in your home, by all means, dress that way!  Show off your individual styles. After all, this is for YOU about YOU, so look like YOU. Keep in mind where and how you want to display your portraits. We can create a custom wall gallery from your session that includes installation. We can do this with canvas wraps (very popular right now) or framed images.

I really need a new profile picture for my facebook page.  Can you help?

Ha! After your session, I’ll have a sneak peek up in 48 hours.  It will be posted on my blog,  I also post my work on my facebook page, Are we even friends? Make sure, so I can tag you.


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